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Writing a book is hard.

I have such an immense respect for authors and their ability to get their thoughts down coherently on paper. I think many readers often dream or even aspire to be authors in their own right. I know I have! I read so many amazing books and the idea of creating my own personal world is crazy tempting - especially when I just have the GREATEST idea ever!

Problem is...writing is hard. Or apparently my brain just doesn't work in the right way for a productive writer. I'll have an idea, or a snippet of a scene and I'll write it down...but then my brain kind of just goes...blank? And then I forget about it entirely and really have no attention span to sit there and think about what happens next. Maybe I'll get around to turning my great idea into a real story by the time I'm in my sixties. That seems realistic. Circle back in about 30 years!

I don't remember having this much trouble writing when I was in college. I was a huge procrastinator, sure - but I managed to finish all of my writing assignments in my English classes. Maybe life is just too crazy these days and there is way more on my mind (adulting) so there is way less space in my brain for writing. 

You might be surprised at all of the 'drafts' I have going in my blog right now, actually. I'll get a great idea to write about something - and then I start it... but I just struggle to get my all of my complete thoughts written down. I could easily have an in-depth conversation about the topic with you but writing is more of a one-sided conversation, no? And when I write, I try not to sound like a complete dummy - which sometimes takes more brain power than I'd like to admit.

I'm actually pretty impressed with myself that this blog post is already several paragraphs long - and I'm actually writing it all on the same day! Nevermind the fact that my idea for this post totally morphed into a completely different topic and now I need to write a new one about my original idea. Brains are funny that way.

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